Should You Use An Attorney For A Vineland Auto Accident?

Should You Use an Attorney for a Vineland Auto Accident?

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As you can imagine, I have seen countless Vineland auto accident victims over the years in my practice. Naturally, some accidents have been worse than others and the degree of treatment of course varies. But be aware, even if you’ve been involved in a low-speed collision (even 10mph), the chances are you have some soft tissue injury or whiplash. That could worsen and become chronic in several months' time. The best time to treat any injury is as soon as possible.

Attorney's Role In A Vineland Auto Accident

This post is more about the attorney’s role in a Vineland auto accident and whether you should use one or not. While the information I provide here is in no way saying you should or shouldn’t, it is merely my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced over the years. Auto accidents are stressful and the process can get confusing and expensive, even if you’re not at fault. Let me explain why.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, I will say to get examined as soon as possible. Even as I say if it is a minor accident because I have seen small injuries progress into more complex painful injuries even months or years later. Early intervention is important.

It’s important to realize that it’s not just your health affected by an auto accident. Your car will likely need repair or even replacement. You may have lost time off work and even coming to the doctors for therapy visits is also a loss. After all, you could be doing something else instead of sitting in a waiting room. So all of these aspects are important considerations in the process.

And this is where an accident attorney can and does help. A Vineland auto accident attorney deals with cases like this every day. They know and understand the process and can help cut through so much which will take a lot of stress off you. At this point, you just want your health and life back to normal. Dealing with insurance companies is not easy, but an accident attorney can help here too.

Let’s consider this…

There are three basic ways that your accident is financially covered if you are not at fault:

  1. PIP
  2. Your own health insurance
  3. The at-fault party’s insurance (known as 3rd Party payer)

When we see accident victims in our office they are often amazed that they have to pay some costs out upfront. They feel the at-fault party’s insurer should pay, and of course, they’re right. However, that’s not how the process works. The at-fault party’s insurance generally doesn’t pay until the end of the entire process. So when it knows how much car repairs are, healthcare costs, missed work costs and so on.

So you will generally have to use your own PIP, insurance, and yes co-pays as well. But a Vineland auto accident attorney can help expedite and help the process along to a satisfactory conclusion. The added bonus is that most accident attorneys do not charge until the job has been complete. This takes a huge burden again off of you.

So based on my experience, I personally feel that hiring an accident attorney is a wise move to make and will help you in the long run.

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